River Murray

This website is a resource for those looking to learn more about the River Murray (or Murray River in NSW and Vic), with a focus on the river in South Australia.

The River Murray is the longest river in Australia at 2 508 km. It starts in the Alps in Victoria and New South Wales, where the snow falls. From the headwaters, it runs into Murray Valley which stretches all the way to the ocean at Lake Alexandrina, 77 km South East of Adelaide. Most of the border between Victoria and New South Wales is defined as the Murray River.

Many rivers flow into the River Murray. It’s tributaries include the Darling River, Murrumbidgee River and Gouldburn River. Each of these rivers is large in itself and it makes the River Murray even larger.

Along the river, there are a number of dams and weirs to help regulate the flow of the river. This is necessary to prevent floods and prevent the river going dry. Also it allows more water to flow when there is more demand for irrigation water. The whole Murray Valley is the most productive valley for irrigated agriculture in Australia.

At the other end, barrages were built to keep saltwater out of Lake Alexandrina. Each of the barrages is labeled.

River Murray Barrages at Lake Alexandrina

It’s a huge river! Last month, 159476 ML flowed across the border to South Australia. This figure comes automatically from the SA Water website.

The River Murray is part of the Southern-Murray Darling Basin water market. This is the largest water market in the world and was a pioneer in water markets. This allows irrigators to trade their water rights and allocates water to the best uses at at given time. Up to date water market information can be found at Water Broking World. You can also trade water online through the Water Broking World website.

The River Murray is the most important river in Australia and it’s a fantastic river to visit. It has played a huge role in the culture and economy of Australia.